Lighting the Lamp Within is a personal and profound account of my spiritual awakening and how it has transformed my life. I draw upon my my life to unravel key lessons on spiritual living; lessons that many of you will be able to easily relate to, whatever your faith.Read more


1. Emotional Healing Would it surprise you to know this? There is much inside us that holds us back spiritually. Often unaware of what our negativities, such as resentments, anger, jealousies and fears do to us deep inside, we flounder in them. We consider these as given, human nature. Read more
2. Heal your body, mind and spirit. Become your own spiritual coach! Read more
3. A spiritual approach to human relationships Do you face discord in marital relationships? Do you feel the need to build harmonious relationships with your children? Are you challenged by teenagers? Read more
4. Practical spiritual techniques for ordinary people If past memories or fears of future still haunt you, how do you break yourself free? Waken your divine light with these practical spiritual techniques. Read more


Acknowledgments Introduction
Part One HUMAN NATURE —Our Unconscious Hurdles

1. Perceptions—our inner filters
2. The predicament of being judgmental
3. From boredom to “inspire-dom”
4. The art of giving
5. Love thy pain
6. Insecurities and self – esteem
Part Two EGO—Our Very Own, Loud and Proud
7. The unrelenting grip of ego
8. Ego in relationships
9. In control or out of control?
10. Drainer or “drainee?”
11. Ego’s play in addictions
12. Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Part Three EMOTIONAL BLOCKAGES—The Silent but Violent Sting
13. Beauty, brains, or the heart?
14. Anger and jealousy unplugged
15. Attachments unplugged
16. Attachments unplugged, again
17. Resenting our resentments
18. Slavery of habits
19. A spiritual fight for freedom
20. Fear of the unknown
Part Four BELIEFS—The Baseless Binders
21. Superstitions—as you believe it
22. Ah, if only my luck would have it
23. Idol worship
24. Rituals, customs, and traditions
25. Power of attorney over our life
26. Religion and spirituality—where do the two meet?
27. Knowledge—from science to spirituality
Part Five ON THE MEND—Conscious Choices Open Doors
28. Going with the flow
29. Being true to ourselves
30. All you need is love
31. Do we really need all the answers?
32. Dealing with duality
Part Six SPIRITUAL TECHNIQUES—Lighting the Lamp Within
33. Fake it till you make it
34. Meditation – doing it or living
35. An attitude of gratitude
36. The power of prayer
Part Seven SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS—Getting to the “Aha” moment
37. Letting go demons
38. Living the future in the present tense
39. Thinking, living, and being positive
40. Fine – tuning ourselves
41. Is spirituality compatible with practical living?
42. Our life’s purpose
43. Continuing our spiritual journey


1.By Swami Rajasananda [centremukti.com] Lighting the Lamp Within Jyoti Sondhi would be described by some as an ordinary housewife. This book she wrote is all but ordinary! Read more
2.Read this book with an open heart and mind. (5 stars) Reviewed by Lynn F. for ReadersFavorite.com, August 13, 2011 Lighting The Lamp With-In by Jyoti Sondhi is the author’s story about how she discovered the power of Reiki and the change it made in her life. Among the changes was a spiritual enlightening. Reiki is a method of natural healing and the universal life force. The author has some great points throughout her essays, from being judgmental, to boredom, to how to control our own ego. Sondhi helps others connect with their inner being and to the Divine Source so they, too, will experience a more inspired family life…so they, too, can find peace and joy by lighting the lamp within their inner soul. Read more

3.K. Vinay Kumar, Mumbai “Lighting the lamp within” unfolds as a stream of consciousness from a dainty intelligent woman. At first glance it would seem to meander like a documentary because of the simplistic narrative style, but upon reflection it is rather profound and perceptive and a deeper narrative lurks between the lines of her charming incidental anecdotes. Read more

4.Firoz Khan, Bangla Desh “What a tremendous thing you’ve accomplished in this book! I am amazed. I have read your introduction last night and become aroused profoundly. Thanks to all concerned writing and publishing this invaluable piece of Spirituality in written form. Our civilization has progressed a lot, otherwise such practical spirituality would not come to your pen. I have much to say, specially regarding the last two paragraphs of your valuable Introduction. And I have become fascinated to that Man Mr. Rajiv who made this thing possible. Really you are lucky and so are we having the book.” Read more

5.Spiritnewlight, Amazon A Bright Light My light shines brighter this day because of this extraordinary collection of essays and wisdoms that the author shared. Written in an easy to understand format, this book clarifies and answers some concerns that all who are on the Path ask from time to time.

6.A Reader from Barnes and Noble Many people take an entire lifetime trying to “find themselves”. Jyoti Sondhi’s philosophy shared in her book is refreshing, yet bold. Insights on how to light your own lamp within, she encourage people not to wait a lifetime, but to embrace life today. Check your ego at the door of life and see what surprises await you. Jyoti shares her spiritual journey openly and most eloquently. Describing herself as an ordinary housewife, she embraces her spiritual life and the spiritual lives of others as important and extraordinary. In my opinion, her writing style consists of passion, power and offers her readers insight into their own inner warrior for spirituality. A good read for those just beginning their spiritual journey. Regardless of your religion or your background, her book relates to all people. Nice!

7.Pavan Kapoor, a seeker, and author of children’s books, Jakarta “People look everywhere, sometimes spend their whole life looking for happiness. They long for that feeling of serenity which they are just waiting to happen, but which seems forever out of their grasp. Even while turning to spirituality, many do not attain peace. Jyoti, a seeker and a deep believer, shares her journey in `Lighting the Lamp Within.’ A frank, personal and profound story, Lighting the Lamp Within is an account of how spirituality changed her life. Read more

8.Jo-Ann Langseth, independent reviewer “A simple yet profound shift in consciousness is the way, says Jyoti Sondhi, to Lighting the Light Within. This is the Light that all religious and spiritual traditions speak of, the brightness and clarity that shine away all confusion, delusion, and suffering – and Jyoti has glimpsed it. Chances are, you have, too. Read more


Born in northern India to a conservative family, I completed my postgraduate studies in India. After my marriage, I had an opportunity to travel extensively with my husband and to live in many countries around the world. The multi-cultural environment helped me broaden my outlook on life considerably and opened me up to different perspectives. Bringing up two wonderful children and pursuing a career as a French language teacher, I have lived a very ordinary life as a mother, a wife and a teacher.Read more